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...a machine that generates concepts for art......a magic eye with a hidden image of a nettle below three bullet holes......a glass case containing a cotton flannel and a bottle of lubricating oil in an amphitheatre...

The art concept generator

The London Conceptual Art Gallery is proud to present "The art concept generator". Powered by the latest state of the art military super-quantum computers, the generator can conceive over 50 pieces of art per second. Use the machine here.

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Temporary: The modern utopia
4 April - 7 September 2016

Since the demise of communism, no viable alternatives have been proposed for the realisation of paradise on earth... until now. This groundbreaking exhibition explores happiness through the lens of biological science, political science and mummy common-sense.
Our permanent collection showcases the most avant-garde thoughts that have emerged from the post-material movement. Focusing on the work of the conceptualists, the collection provides a chronological circuit from 1985 to the present day. It shows famous and less famous works together, offering an introduction to 30 years of art from our collection.

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- An introduction to conceptualism: visualising the unconstructable
- Science and the art of propagating myth: The work and times of Luke Taylor

Additional lectures - For a reasonable rate we can arrange for someone to phone you up and lecture you on a number of other topics, including (but not limited to) being more tidy, honesty and the need to earn more money .