About the institution

The birth of conceptualism
The function of art is to provoke reactions and thoughts amongst the viewer. It has become apparent that art has taken an incorrect turn in the 20th Century and now finds itself at an impasse, where innovation is no longer possible.

The act of transposing conceptual ideas from the imagined to the physical reduces ambiguity and limits the range of emotions and reactions that a viewer can feel. The conceptualists are the 21st Century's pre-Raphaelites, albeit less debauched.

The conceptualist manifesto
  1. Imagination has fewer bounds than the physical world
  2. Art is purest and most effective when left as a concept
  3. Ideas come before ideology

About the gallery
Opened in early 2015, The London Conceptual Art Gallery is the spiritual home of the conceptualist movement. The gallery showcases the movement from its beginnings to the present day. In this digital age it is unnecessary for galleries to have a physical presence, and whilst the gallery is spiritually based in London it is freely accessible from all over the world.

The gallery is curated by Luke Taylor and operates free of lottery funding and corporate patronage and the compromises that these relationships entail.

Organising a trip to the gallery
Admission: free
Opening hours: The gallery is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (closed on Feb 29).
Location: www.londonconcepts.org/visit