29 / 3 / 2015

Opening of the London Conceptual Art Gallery & acquisition of The Art Concept Generator

The London Conceptual Art Gallery (www.londonconcepts.org) is open to the general public and professional art critics with immediate effect.

The gallery is the spiritual home of the conceptualist movement and showcases the movement from its beginnings to the present day.

The centre-piece and the jewel in the crown of the collection is the art concept generator which is powered by military grade technology and can devise tens of new art concepts a second. The art concept generator can be used here: http://www.londonconcepts.org/generator/randomart

The gallery can be visited for free online at http://www.londonconcepts.org/visit

Luke Taylor Head Curator at the gallery says “This is an exciting and innovative new development for the art world and fills a much needed gap in the digital landscape of the culture-sphere of London. The opening of the gallery will reinvigorate creativity in the capital and leave Damian Hirst with a bloody nose. This gallery will inspire a generation and ensure that London remains at the centre of the art world for the foreseeable future.“

The function of art is to provoke reactions and thoughts amongst the viewer. It has become apparent that art has taken an incorrect turn in the 20th Century and now finds itself at an impasse, where innovation is no longer possible. The conceptualists present art in its purest form delivering unadulterated beauty to the masses.

The press release is also available on the gallery website: www.londonconcepts.org/pressreleases
For further information please contact thecurator@londonconcepts.org