10 - The Andy Warhol room

Like most of the rooms in the gallery, this space could within a matter of seconds be converted into a hip new Shoreditch eatery: the floor of cold industrial concrete, the grubby brick walls and the faint odour of pretentiousness that pervades the space.

There is a huge dot matrix printer which is three feet tall and four feet wide, a huge roll of paper is loaded into the printer. Row after row of dots are slowly applied forming an image of Andy Warhol's face. The printer is in continuous operation and produces an infinite stream of copies of the feted artist's likeness.

On the other side of the room is a 3D printer. This machine is also in continuous operation, producing an infinite array of plastic replica cans of Campbell's soup. The hundreds of printed portraits and the hundreds of tins that have already been produced litter the floor subversively.