2 - Utopiary by Adam Arcadio

There have been a number of thoroughly impressive gardens in the history of humanity: the garden of Eden, the hanging gardens of Babylon, the gardens of Versailles and the Blue Peter garden to name but a few. Yet you are completely unprepared for the garden paradise which is on display inside this room. The garden features meticulously manicured lawns, extensive parterres of multi-coloured flowers, innumerable sculptures and hundreds of baroque fountains.

The sculpture garden consists of topiary sculptures of famous works including The Venus de Milo and Rodin's The Kiss.

The fountains overflow with dense custard streams of ambrosia from which the gods feast. On the hour every hour the fountains feature a vast choreographed performance set to light and Vivaldi's Nisi Dominus.

There is an extensive maze set in the gardens, covering over 1 hectare. It typically takes amateur labyrinth solvers over an hour to find the middle. Once there, those that have vanquished the maze are rewarded with a vision of a 10 metre tall topiary sculpture of Thomas Moore conversing with the Starets Zosima.

Best of all, the gardens are indoors: it never rains, there is no risk of getting dirty as everything is made of plastic and the gardens need almost no maintenance and will still be in a largely pristine condition in hundreds of years.