8 - Modern relics

There is a display case in the middle of the room, this expensive barrier seals off the precious contents from the outside world in an environment which tightly regulates the temperature and humidity. Three decadently bejeweled objects are aligned within the case.

The first is a golden casket made of gilded copper and the exterior of the box is decorated with different scenes made of champlevé enamel. On one side is depicted an old woman in a brothel, on another a footballer striking a diamond football and on the top a heraldic design featuring a track suit and an ashtray on an escutcheon. Inside this reliquary is contained a true hair from the head of Wayne Rooney.

The second container takes the form of a female bust; the porcelain skin is fashioned from bone and gold threads have been used to painstakingly construct a flowing head of hair. She is richly dressed in a fashionable gown and wears lavish jewellery. The label on the little door on top identifies the relic inside: mascara which once belonged to Lady Diana Spencer.

The third is a large decorated elephant tusk, the exterior has been carefully carved with a motif of mini dresses and high heels. Inside the horn there is the remnants of a cocktail which Paris Hilton once drank .